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Hayden Turner is an experienced wildlife television presenter who reports from some of the wildest and most scenic places on earth. He transmits every broadcast with an engaging warmth, passion and expertise, and has become a well respected name for his work with the National Geographic, Discovery channels and in conservation circles.

Hayden combines an understanding of the nature of entertainment and his audiences' interests with an exceptional commitment to conservation. He has worked alongside some of the world's most experienced television crews, producers and directors, and has co-produced several of his programs.

Hayden has worked and travelled extensively throughout the world, filming across the African continent and in more than 35 other countries. He was born in Australia, has spent more than 15 years living, working and travelling in Africa, and now lives in London with his wife and son.


Also an experienced wildlife specialist and the former Senior Zookeeper at Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia, Hayden has worked with numerous animal species. He specialises in African mammals and has a keen interest in birds.

Hayden's philosophy is that the most effective approach to conservation is education and understanding people's different perceptions of wildlife. Therefore when he's not filming in some remote corner of the globe, he offers educational programs and talks for zoos, schools and dinners.

Hayden is the founder and chief guide for Hayden Turner Private Safaris, a company providing luxury, bespoke safari experiences in six African countries.


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