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A helicopter safari with Hayden Turner Private Safaris is a luxury experience like no other, a journey you will never forget. You will travel in your private helicopter through South Africa and Namibia, or take a private plane from reserve to reserve across Tanzania.

Traveling by air gives you more time to spend at each location: observing wildlife, taking in the landscape, or just sipping champagne as the sun sets back at your exclusive, luxury lodge.


From the air, you will experience a rarely seen and truly beautiful perspective on Africa.

Flying 50 feet above the waves, spot whales on migration, and sharks and dolphins in the vast ocean. Turning inland, fly over magnificent coastal mountains to your private lodge or camp in the African bush.


Our pilots are experienced professionals with extensive local knowledge. They also share in our passion for Africa: its people, its wildlife and its conservation.

We mainly use Eurocopter EC130 aircraft, which feature friendly, spacious cabins with low internal noise. And with fixed wing aircraft, we prefer to use the versatile 'big bird' of the African bush, the Cessna 208B Grand Caravan and the Cessna 206.


We conduct all our safaris with the greatest respect for the environment, and aim to be as accurately accountable for our 'carbon footprint' as possible.

We work with Reduce My Footprint to minimise the impact our safaris have on the environment.

"We were on a helicopter safari, flying low along the coast, only to see a magnificent humpback whale and its calf frolicking in the waters below us. A truly unforgettable sight for me and my guests!"

Hayden Turner: founder, conservationist, TV presenter

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