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Welcome to Africa, our way.

Hayden Turner Private Safaris brings you the best that Africa has to offer. We create tailor-made, luxury safaris that take you on unforgettable journeys across the stunning coastlines, savanna's, forests, mountains, jungles, deserts, valleys and waterways of Africa.

Travel by air-conditioned vehicles, comfortable helicopters, private planes and guided walking safaris. Stay in exclusive, opulent lodges and camps. These journeys are like nothing you have ever experienced. We bring you Africa's best locations, best lodges, best camps, best professional guides, best drivers, best pilots, best vehicles and best ground operations.


Hayden Turner personally tailors each safari to your needs.

Hayden has spent 20 years living in and travelling around Africa while working on wildlife conservation projects and making documentaries for National Geographic and Discovery channels. His love of Africa, his wealth of experience and knowledge of the land, and his passion for sharing this glorious continent, make Hayden Turner Private Safaris absolutely unforgettable.

This safari is adventure that will transform your heart and soul. It is a life-changing experience that will stay with you forever.


It is Hayden's appetite for 'all things African' that is the key to what makes Hayden Turner Private Safaris unique. He personally delivers all that Africa has to offer with style and the highest attention to detail. Every activity is made with respect for Africas environment, wildlife and people.

Being on safari is what Hayden does best and it is what he loves most. His safaris make it possible for you to experience an Africa like no other.

"This is not about mass tourism for us, this is about quality and professionalism. We go out every day with that on the top of our list of priorities."

Hayden Turner: founder, conservationist, TV presenter
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Hayden Turner Private Safaris is a luxury, bespoke travel service hosting luxury adventure safaris in southern and eastern Africa.

You will experience an Africa you never dreamed possible:

Unprecedented, close-up contact with wild animals

Secret hideaways well off the beaten track

Private travel by plane, helicopter, car and foot

Unimagined luxury lodgings in the heart of the African bush

Gourmet dining and fine wines

Specialist indulgences like fishing, photography, wine, art and honeymoons

And guides who will cater to your every need while imparting their vast knowledge and passionate love for Africa

We are a London-based company, and we work with some of the worlds leading guides, conservationists, drivers and pilots across Africa, the UK and the world.


Hayden Turner Private Safaris is the brainchild of zookeeper, conservationist and television presenter Hayden Turner. The company reflects his own experience and professionalism, his vast knowledge, and his contagious love for Africa.

As a Senior Keeper for Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia and TV Presenter and Producer for National Geographic Channels International, Hayden has spent nearly 20 years working with wildlife in Zimbabwe, Uganda, South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, Morocco, Zambia, Ghana and Mozambique.

His time is now spent living and working between the African Continent and the United Kingdom.

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