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What a place! Namibia is like no other. Namibia is the only country in the world to specifically address the conservation and protection of the natural resources in its constitution. That says a lot about how the people and their government feel about their natural resources.


Namibia is an understated and unique location that has incredible offerings and is quite secretive about them. It's different, it's special and the landscape is mesmerizing. This is predominantly desert country and if you like desert, it doesn’t get much better than Namibia: desert rhino, elephant, lion and the list goes on!


A lot of the projects and tourism in Namibia promote sustainable natural resource management by giving local communities the rights to wildlife management and tourism. This is an admirable initiative and seems to be working in Namibia: the country is home to the biggest sand-dunes in the globe, one of the world’s most exciting shipwrecked coasts, and animals you wouldn’t think could survive in conditions like these. Namibia is truly is incredible and never ceases to amaze with its incredible landscapes, wildlife and people.


The camps and lodges we visit in Namibia are a sight to behold. How anyone created these havens of peace and tranquility in some of the most extreme yet fragile conditions is anyone’s guess: luckily for us, they did! They are a delight to see and visit.

Namibia is something really different, and there are endless ways we can show you this magnificent country.

Time Difference - GMT+2 hours
Flight time from UK – 12.5 hours (Windhoek)
Best time to go (and see comparison country chart)
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Highlights - blue skies and endless horizons, Etosha's NP, desert-adapted elephant and endangered Black Rhino, remote tented camps, Flying along the Skeleton Coast and so much more
"Each day was a delight, whether it was the stunning scenery, magnificent animals or the fantastic food, wine and lodgings."

Fiona & Michael Foreman: safari participants
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