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Before you so much as leave your home in the morning, you have had an impact on the environment. Each of us has a responsibility to care for our planet, people and wildlife. Its in our best interests to protect our precious resources, and Africa is a very important place indeed.

At Hayden Turner Private Safaris, we aim to be as responsible and accurate as possible in calculating our carbon footprint, sourcing our supplies and choosing our business partners. We carefully inform each of our guests about our strategy on environmental stewardship, and work with Reduce My Footprint to minimise our carbon footprint.


Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and climate change are complex issues, and they generate business challenges that we are constantly trying to overcome. We can advise our guests and discuss tangible ways in which they can lessen their impact on the local environments and societies when they travel.

If our guests want to donate products or funds to the African countries they visit, as many do, we will ensure that those gifts go to the right place. This can be discussed and arranged before, during or after the safari.

"The major thing I learned from Hayden apart from his incredible knowledge on animals, the environment and nature was the respect he showed every human being with whom we came into contact."

Philip Basche: Safari participant

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